Happy Moments

Sun Sun to you speaks the heart, fills up with your strength in battle.Battle for the truth led on Earth about fame and glory sing in the fightSun, burn greed and slander. Black and anger of all people.Eternal love give them, heat the soul and illumine secrets.Sun, you are giving hope and wisdom, obliges misfortune heal all people.With your highest protection you give us clothes to protect us but with your strength.Sun, please remove the obsession in the world and the wolves enttarn home.Advertise us to freedom, so that the curse of the century disappears.Power to detect the errors give us Sun. In the honor, conscience in the heart and the soul.Hail to our wounds from earlier battles. Already the fanfares recall to the fight.Help sky, thoughts and challenge to take us to the mankind.Free from the chains of poverty, fear and leave forever the magic of money burning.
Swetlana Peunowa-Lada Rus