The race is on... Can we actually find 100,000 people that DO NOT want their night life shut down at 2am? How many facebook members can we find?


Are you fed up with desperate politicians grandstanding in the media proposing ridiculous laws to restrict your night life all on the pretext that it reduces violence? Do you think pubs should be places where society socialises or politicians demonise? Are you fed up with politicians who don’t drive or drink telling you that you should be doing and when or where you should be doing it? Do you want to show these idiots just how many people are against these convoluted laws that are designed to take the heat of them for their fiscal mismanagement of the state?. These ridiculous laws are designed as a diversionary tactic to take our attention away from the real problems that they don’t want us to examine. The idea is to divert the media away from the real stories about community infrastructure, health and education and focus on trivial stuff. It’s a political strategy designed to take the heat off the self evidently inept performance of our state politicians and get the mums n dads and talk back radio shows focused on things that inspire fear and dread . It is a form of fear based politics that emerged with George Bush, get folks convinced that our streets turn into dangerous out of control places at night, then make as much noise as possible fixing the problem that was imaginary in the first place with ridiculous laws.

It is a smoke screen and I am sick of smoke screens. Do you want to live in a city where everyone has to go home at 2am?

If you agree with the above and want to participate in this experiment do the following:

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Over the last two decades, there has been a transformation in police practices from a professional, bureaucratic model to one that emphasizes the employment of community-based and problem-oriented policing.

This has shifted the focus of police to expand their definitions of crime prevention. As a result, police have begun to work in social policy arenas traditionally outside the purview of law enforcement, including education, health, and community and economic development. Traditionally society has decided the laws the police have implemented and policed these policies , today Police are now attempting to change make the laws.

The tail has begun to wag the dog. Police are now taking a more active role in deciding the laws of the land, they have appointed themselves as social change agents and began to lobby politicians and segments of the community directly for policies to be enacted that they view as measures that will effectively curtail incidents of crime. They call it preventative policing I call it police politicization.

This is motivating police to take policing measures that create the maximum publicity in support of their preventative policy making, this is further motivated by budgetary cuts the NSW government has imposed. This is even further compounded by OVER policing where licensing police harass hotels in order to create a perception of non compliance and the manipulation of statistics and reports to serve their political cause.

They then lobby the state governments to be allowed to take measures that they decide themselves is justified. A perfect example of this is the commonwealth leaders summit where the NSW government bought a $600,000 water canon to control riots after they had visited South Korea and witnessed peasants rioting. Like really how often is a water canon going be used in NSW? Yet NSW now owns one because the police told the politicians we need one.

A 2AM Lock Out is another example of the this, the police have told the politicians that these measures are required to curb street violence when there is absolutely zero proof that it will do anything except make it worse

I am talking about a real debate about how police play a part in our society. Sure they are there to do a job and I commend them for that job. When they start playing an active hand in social policy by manipulating statistics, public perceptions , political players and media then they deserve some scrutiny.

The lock out is nonsense, take just one aspect, 4 of the establishments listed are some of the biggest gay venues in Sydney. I have lots of gay friends trying to label ARQ for instance as a high risk violent place is ludicrous. I hate to break it to folks but the folks in ARQ are about man love not war and listing them as a violent venue is as anti gay as you can get.

It all falls within what Oscar Wilde called " lies , damn lies and statistics" category , the police are manufacturing statistics to get public and political support to take measures they deem as good social policy.

The problem is while there is no doub't they should be included in the debate and we need open discussion, we don't want to be manipulated by media, politicians or police. We need the facts and we need to be allowed to decide for ourselves.

To take another example the Steyne Hotel had 33 assaults last year and this year they have improved to 22. Do folks know that only 3 out of 33 assaults happened on The Steynes premises?

The reason is they are associating assaults that happened near the Steyne outside with the Steyne's patrons. Tha'ts how we get to the silly position of ARQ being labeled a violent premises. Folks get assaulted in the street in Darlinghurst and the police claim its because of drinking in the gay venues ????

It's media and statistical manipulation, in the past the police would have been under pressure for rising crime rates, there would be headlines like "Commissioner struggles to control crime", these days they neatly manage to blame everyone but themselves.

Buying water cannons because police saw Korean farmers rioting while on a study trip is ridiculous. That money is could have been used for many more worthwhile purposes.

If we want a free and open society we need to bring our governments under fair scrutiny. Locking folks out on the street after 2 am puts folks in danger it doesn't make the streets safer. Step back if The Steyne had 3 assaults on premises in 12 months the safety of the place is actually the exact opposite of the media claims of police, even at 33 thats less than one per week, thousands and thousands of people there every week and there is single incident every other week?

Hardly and orgy of violence, in fact its complete BS propaganda from the Police Politburo .

If you haven't mail this group to your friends when we reach a 100,000 we start taking on these various media manipulators at their own game.

Thankyou to everyone!

PS feel free to leave anything funny in the picture area we might as well have a laugh along the way :)