Canyon Country Items for Sale

Welcome to Canyon Country Items for Sale!

This site is intended to buy, sell or trade items that you no longer need/use for less than what you paid for it. You can find a wide variety of items from clothes, to toys, books, video games, household goods, etc. You must live in Santa Clarita Valley or be willing to deliver to the Santa Clarita Valley to be a member of this site.

*When posting an item be sure to list price and city location for pick up. If this is not included in your post, your post will be deleted.

*Delete your old/sold posts. Admins keep track and if you have a history of not deleting items you will be removed from the group.

*Do Not Post Duplicate Posts because you can’t find your item, message an admin and we will be happy to find the item for you.

*NO Drama (DO NOT post unnecessary post to the feed or make crude comments)

*HALF HOUR RULE- you must give a HALF HOUR to the person interested to respond before moving to the next in line.

* Cross Posted- If you cross post or intend to cross post (list for sale on another site) you must state that in your post.

*Asking a question does not reserve your spot in line. You must say "In Line" "Int" or "Interested" to hold your spot.

*Sell & Buy items at your own risk. Make sure things work before leaving with the item. Admins are not responsible for broken/non-working items.

*You may NOT sell coupons on the site, they must be listed for free.

*You must post a picture of the item you are selling. If you don't include a picture your post will be deleted.

*DO NOT post your address on the site for all to see. Exchange of addresses must be in a private message.

*No Auctions allowed, No Best Offers allowed, put a price on your item!

*You may only bump your items once a day.

*NO Spam/NO Adds

*If you wish to post about your business do not post it to the news feed, only post it one time under albums “Business Directory”

*Have Fun and play fair! Be Honest and Respect Members and Admin of the Site.
**Should you have a problem with a member or questions you may message an admin at any time***