Owls of the World

This group is intended to be a vehicle for awareness concerning owls of the world and their conservation. This is a place to post photographs and videos depicting WILD OWLS exhibiting natural behaviour within their natural habitat. Fine art and illustrations of wild owls are also welcome, but we ask that they be realistic portrayals in support of the educational environment of the group. You may share sightings and interesting experiences including trip reports and information on “owling”. The conservation of wild populations of owls is the prime focus of this group.

1. Indicate species, location and name of photographer in the TITLE of all posts and on all individual photos (NOTE: remember the audience is international – don’t use abbreviations and give a recognizable locality identifier such as site + state/province + country)
2. Do NOT include images of baited, lured or habituated owls
3. Photos of banded, rehabilitated or captive owls; "education ambassadors" or birds being handled are acceptable ONLY when their context is clearly explained and important information shared (e.g. banding study with the following objectives; ex-situ conservation project with the following objectives; bird hit by a vehicle being rehabilitated, etc.)
4. Advertising products or services (and self-promotion) is not acceptable
5. Whether sharing into this group or from this group, please ALWAYS ask the photographer or artist’s permission. This is not required by Facebook but it is a simple courtesy that goes a long way to good relations

In keeping with the conservation and educational purpose of this group your understanding and cooperation is both necessary and appreciated. Thank you! Below are a few suggestions that will help make this group even better!