Stockton Buy, Sell and Trade

Post your items for sale or buy items here! Please read the rules before you post

There ARE rules so pretty please abide by them

1. No drugs or drug related materials of ANY kind to be sold or posted here (no warning given, you WILL be banned from this page) NOTHING illegal can be sold here. PERIOD

2. Disrespecting each other will NOT be tolerated, you will be deleted and banned. Be courteous to each other and be mindful of who's first in line should you have multiple interested parties

3. This is an ENGLISH speaking page ONLY!! Please do not post or respond in any other language, if I can't read it, I don't understand it. It will be deleted

4. NO cursing on the page, your comment will be deleted the first time, after that you will be taken out of the group

5. Please post PICTURES and the PRICE for what you're selling, it increases your chances of selling it. Take the BEST photos you can, the better the photo looks, the better chance you have of catching someones eye

6. If you are promoting your business, That' fantastic, we are ALL about promoting local business, please just make sure it's local and please be kind and only post the same post a few times per week, not daily and PLEASE at least have a business fb page and a business license

7. Please delete your post once an item sells. That way we can keep the timeline free for posts with items still up for sale. Click on your photo, go to the bottom of photo and click on OPTIONS and you can delete your photo.

8. Absolutely NO formula or WIC items can be sold here! NO exceptions!

9. NO unlicensed food can be sold here. You may post your homemade food in 209 Food Spot but here, it will be deleted unless you are licensed.

10. Please only bump your post ONCE per 24 hour period so others have a chance to sell teir items too. Do not post duplicates. BUMP your post to keep it current.

11. If you are buying or selling and commit to meet up, please do NOT flake, please do not waste anyone's time, it's not ok to do that.

That is all.....Happy Buying, Selling and Trading!