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This group is created for everyone of us to post any current news around you. Foe example, accidents, current weather, current issues, current promotions or sales, current events that happens in Kuching, current adventures that you experienced, the best food that you experienced and etc.

Participants benefits
There are a lot of benefits that you can get by joining this group is where you can get varies information in Kuching which can increase your current knowleges on current issues. Apart from that, you also can promote any promotions at your shop or around you in Kuching to improve your business and other participants also can save their money by doing so. Additionally, everyone also can experienced any good food that you had experienced.

However, there also few rules and regulations as below,
1) Spamming, trolling, cursing, insulting, gossiping, defaming are not allow in
this group.
2) Politics, racial and religion not allowed to be posted here.
3) The admins are allow to warn you or delete your posts if you are violating
the rules no 1 and 2.
4) If you would like to post any current sales or promotions and good food that
you had experienced, please provides the name of the place and the items.
5) The admins are allow to add any news rules and regulations at any time
without prior notice.
6) The Admins are always Right.
7) If the Admins are wrong, please refer to Rule no 6.

Don's hesitate to post and invite your friends to join us!
The more the merrier!
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the admins.