Surfing Monrovia

Sadly nicknamed for the local morning rituals that occur on the
rocks and beach nearby. But a fantastic, generally safe wave. A little
inconsistent even when it's working from one wave to the next.
Needs about a 7 foot long period swell to really work, but can work
on 5-6ft on the inside and be a great mini-mal or longboard spot.
Above 9-10 feet can get a bit too big and flat and at low tide the
current will pump you into the canal and away from the point. Still
safe, just tiring. Best at low-mid tide. It's a bit protected from the
south winds that frequent rainy season, so can be a good place if on
windier days with enough swell. Depending on the day, you can
start way out by the edge of the point and get about 150+m
rides-good stuff. I've a had a couple 300 m rides here, no
exaggeration. Good 15 min. paddle back to the point! See directions
below for launch spots. Reef booties for maneuvering the rocks
along the shore are not a must, but bring 'em if you got 'em.