Kenwood Annual Multi-Family Yard Sale

Mayday! Mayday! Sooooo-ALL my fault-but I was under the impression that I had access to mucho tables. But this is not the case. I'm trying to round up all tables that I can or am allowed to. BUT, if you have a table at home that you're willing to bring, can you?!? Biểu tượng cảm xúc smile I'm so sorry that this has happened. Right now, we have about 13 tables (plus the ones at the church-\-\think preschool size that we will be using somewhere and maybe a few normal size). We shall see what else we can come up with tonight. Be creative if you don't have a table at home. Think lay items out on blankets, etc. I know, not the classiest. BUT, we's in a dilemma, Frank. Check back early tomorrow morning...and if I've hit the jackpot big time with tables tonight, I'll post about it . See you bright and early in the morning.