Cary Yard Sale

It's a virtual yard sale for CARY, IL. Post items you want to sell, buy or give away.

NOTE: This is a closed group, so only members can see your posts.

1) Please use one of three posting types: "For Sale", "Wanted" or "Free".

2) Post your item to the group wall. Include a picture of the actual item, a description with details such as size, color, condition, how much you are asking for the item and location.

3) If you are posting several items or pictures, please CREATE AN ALBUM and post to the group wall.

4) Please DO NOT POST PERSONAL INFORMATION, such as phone numbers and home addresses.

5) If you are interested in an item post “INTERESTED” and then contact the seller through a PRIVATE MESSAGE rather than a post that is public to the group. This will help minimize the posting traffic and any Facebook chatter!

6) Conduct yourselves ETHICALLY in your transactions. You are working with people in your community, so this is in your best interest! NO PERSONAL COMMENTS are allowed on the site. You may message the CYS Admin to report any unethical occurrences.

7) If your item sells, REMOVE your post/picture. You can do this by clicking on the PHOTOS page and deleting your posted photo or hovering over your post and selecting Delete from the menu that pops up on the right.

8) Please be respectful to the purpose of this group. No advertising products or services and no asking for service recommendations unless it is BUSINESS MONDAY. No profanity. No personal comments. This is a public arena.

9) Buying and Selling is at your own risk. The group administrator does not get involved in transactions. With a virtual yard sale, the buyer's first opportunity to see an item is at pick up, so I advise buyers to thoroughly inspect the item before purchasing. Unless the seller states otherwise, it is assumed that all items are final sale once money has exchanged hands (or any other agreed upon trade/barter).

10) NO SHOWS - It is a safety concern for our members to give out their address to buyers who do not show up. If you can't make your arranged meeting, send a message BEFORE you do not show up. Otherwise, you are considered a no show.

11) Members can post information about their personal businesses on the first MONDAY of every MONTH. You may also ask for business/service recommendations (e.g. ISO handyman). NO OTHER ADVERTISING IS ALLOWED AT ANY TIME

12) Updates on albums and listings will be done every 1st and 15th of the month. Posts /pictures that are not dated within 5 days of these dates will be deleted. Please help us with housekeeping and delete all sold items.

FYI –Admins. have no control over what is posted in the albums or the items you receive therefore cannot be held accountable for any purchases or exchanges made as a result of this group. Admins reserve the right to remove users from the group at any time. Failure to adhere to the guidelines may result in removal from the group.