Women are priceless Jewels.

•DON'T MISS THIS AWESOME STORY• Once there was a young girl
decided 2 take a
short cut home
from school. The
fastest way 2 her house was to cut
through an alley. The
approached the alley way.
She saw a man standing
like he was waiting For
someone. She said a prayer:
"Dear God pls lead me through
this alley way,
safe & unharmed. Amen."
The girl walked throup the alley
& past the man.
Later on dat night, she was
watching the news. She
saw dat man had
murdered & raped a young girl.
The police said the
man told them another girl
had passed throug the alley
10mins before.
They asked him why he didn't
attack the first girl. He said,
"there was a man
walking beside her".
God walks with us. We deny His
presences but
He is always there. 95% of people will
just read dis
their phones, but be among the
5% dat
will read & share it!
•Don't be ashamed to admit u're
a Child
of God.. Sorry I had no choice,
a child of God!!
This is a test to see who has more
followers... God or Satan?
If God, then comment "Amen"