30 Day List Building Challenge

This is the rebellious list building community, join us by going to: http://30DayListBuildingChallenge.com/

1. This group is a place to connect with other rebellious list builders, to share information and resources about growing your email list, and to support each other in reaching our goals and growing our businesses.

2. Be respectful and supportive of others in the group.

3. This is NOT a free marketing platform to promote other businesses, websites, forums, blog, opt-ins etc – including your own (there are already MANY online forums that offer that!) These types of posts will be removed.

We want to keep the focus on LEARNING! Of course – if someone asks a question and you have a recommendation for them, linking to a resource is A-ok.

This is not a place to cross post or share quotes, infographics, or other automated messages (via Edgar or other platforms). Keep those to your own personal pages or groups that allow these types of posts.

Note: From time to time, we may share resources + links we think you’ll find valuable.

4. While we encourage you asking for feedback on your opt-in offer or something directly related to your email list, we have the right to remove it if we feel it is a veiled attempt at promotion.

5. If you're not willing to abide by these guidelines, feel free to leave the group; no hard feelings. If we feel that you are clearly not following these guidelines, you may be removed from the group.

6. We have ZERO tolerance for spam. Anyone who posts obvious spam will be immediately removed from the group and permanently banned.