Official Uniondale High School Raiders

Group Page Rules

This facebook group for Raiders is open for both formal and informal discussions, as well as acting as a functional tool and a group community. Some moderation will be necessary to facilitate that sense of community. The following guidelines will help ensure that this is a comfortable space for everyone:

--Discussions, posts, and comments may not include insults or slurs of any kind. Dialogue is key to progress and understanding between people of differing opinions, so long as it does not degenerate into insults or slurs. If this occurs, the poster will be warned and the comment/post deleted.

--No topics are off-limits for discussion, provided that discussions are kept civil. Admins reserve the right to delete posts,comments, and members with or without explanation.

--Posts should not be made to deliberately incite members of the group. Posts should ideally be productive towards facilitating discussion or of interest to the group as a whole.

These guidelines are only meant to maintain civility and are open to discussion and revision.