Global Satyagraha. Press the button.

Satyagraha, indigenous and Swadeshi term to India, was the most formidable baton of the Father of the Nation. A weapon that worked wonders during the independence struggle of India.

With changing times, notions changed, ideas changed & also the perception of Satyagraha. People spoke about it as a thing of the past, something obsolete, something redundant, and something that was not relevant today. A lot many things contributed to this change in perception, the most significant being, the speedily eroding virtue of patience. People started seeking gratification of their needs in an instance. Instant coffee, instant love, instant hatred, instant friendship, instant enmity, instant peace, instant war & even instant sex? In other words the values of people changed in accordance with their greed.

However, nature doesn't succumb to the changing human perception. Its principles remain the same. The principle of Satyagraha, which means revolution without violence, is an important principle of nature. Therefore it appeals to our conscience. Hence, whenever implemented correctly, it has a far reaching effect.

Throughout the 20th Century, with the advances in technology, the globe has been shrinking gradually. Different modes of transport followed by different modes of communication & eventually the advent of Internet, has shrunk the globe beyond imagination.

At the press of a button we are in touch with somebody with whom we do not share any physical space & would probably never will. At the press of a button we allow the world to know who we are, what we think, what we do, etc. At the outset, this is another example of the instant gratification of needs theory. However, opposites always work in tandem according to nature's principle. Day & Night, Hot & Cold, etc… Seen from this perspective, we realize that instant hatred in the real world induces instant love in the virtual world of the web. Instant enmity in the real world is followed by instant friendship on the web. Instant war always collides with instant peace on the web. It is almost as if, web has become an aid to nature to showcase its principles.

Therefore, terrorism, communal violence, fascist tendencies, corporate greed, corruption, poverty, child abuse, deprivation of human rights, illiteracy, subjugation of women & all the ills (violence) that face the real society, needs to be countered promptly, with precision & having far greater impact.

The answer lies in the indigenous concept of Satyagraha, Revolution through Non-Violence. As a tool of supplementing the struggle on the streets, Satyagraha on the Web can have global ramifications. It therefore becomes Global Satyagraha.

Global Satyagraha, following the Humanist principals, intends supporting any individual or a group to voice their opinion in a Non-Violent fashion, at the press of the button. It also supports any group of people who are honest, who abide by the principles of Non-Violence, who are secular minded, to democratically fight elections against the candidature of a person who does not abide by the aforesaid principles. The modus operandi of the Group will vary according to the immediate needs.
Global Satyagraha supports the Humanist Movement's mission of simultaneous Personal & Social transformation and invites people to work actively to rebuild India, fulfilling the dreams of all those who dedicated their lives so that we breathe in a free world. We invite people to take the path of Active Non-violence propagated by the Humanist principals.

The baton of Satyagraha is still formidable. It is still the best weapon to fight against the nuclear weapons. Gandhi is still alive....stronger than ever.