English Groomers Group

This is a page for PROFESSIONAL Dog Groomers only
We only allow dog groomers to join the page. To do this we either
a) check your profile for grooming related info or
b) send you a private message to double check that you are indeed a groomer. If your settings are so that we cannot message you or you dont have any info on your page that tells us you are a groomer then we dont accept you.

Our aim is to get groomers together, talking and attending local meetings, seminars, competitons and workshops.

The English Groomers Group is run by groomers for groomers promoting us as professionals not hobbyists.

This list will keep you up to date with events that will be taking place mainly in the South East of England. We also need your input in what you want to see at these events and when and where the events are to take place. It is also a place to learn and offer help and advice but please take note of the rules below.
1. Keep it friendly and positive, remember who can view this page and your comments and posts will reflect you and your business. Also remember any legal implictions that your post or comment may have.
2.We do not allow posts that criticise of groomers' business practises. This includes their work, pricing structure or any other way they conduct their business. Any such posts will be deleted and repeat offenders blocked from using this group.
3. No advertising of Equipment or products unless second hand. This includes training (Does NOT include educational events)
4. No advertising of puppies or dogs.
5 Please keep it grooming related.
This is closed group which means your friends cannot see your posts on this site.
The posts on this page do not necessarily represent the the opinions of E.G.G.