Motley Brew: Wolf Pack of 12

Follow the Motley Brew Running Team as we take our next Ragnar Adventure to Napa Valley!!!

Our 186.4 Mile Adventure begins at 9am on Friday Sept. 16th in San Francisco with an estimated arrival in Calistoga, CA on Saturday Septh 17th "afternoon"

Motley Brew Superstars:

Van 1:
Lori Brown, Michelle Brown, Kim Henes, Sarah Laidlaw, Julie O'Neill, Maresa Valenzuela

Van 2:
Aaron Richardson, Ben Hawthorne, Jared Harding, Steele Harrington, and our two 2011 Noobs... Patrick O'Neill and Thomas Kennedy

Motley Brew Team Mom: Jacqui Pinkham
Motley Brew Roadie: Christine & Lucy Kennedy

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Past Races:
Ragnar del Sol 2009
Ragnar del Sol 2010