Odell's "You"ll know if you belong"

Odells was a 70's/80's (actually opened in 72) dance club in Baltimore that was more than just a club. It was a lifestyle! The music spanned all genres; international, rock, soul, tech, house, so long as it was worthy! Jackie Brock was the essence of Odells (not to minimize other era's). If you got past Jackie on a regular basis, then you truly belonged. Once past Jackie, then you were in the spirit of Odells. It was like entering the planet from Avatar; a completely connected experience. The things that went on at Odells would have shocked people outside of Odells. Anything was possible and everything was allowed. And yet, no one was distracted by anything going on around them. Everyone was in their own world. this group page is for those who belonged or friends of those who belonged who deem their friends to be of the same spirit. Enjoy!