This group is for people interested in helping rescue dogs and who would love to bring one of those dogs home but can’t. People who would like to make a donation to a dog rescue organization but are not sure where their money actually goes.
Carolina Poodle Rescue has a unique opportunity for people to help their neediest of dogs and every penny donated goes to that specific dog’s care. Those dogs are called our SOS (Save our Specials) dogs. They are dogs that would have otherwise been euthanized because of their age, temperament, or ongoing special health needs. They are the dogs that have a very low probability of being adopted but can thrive to the best of their abilities in a warm, safe, loving environment. As a no kill sanctuary Carolina Poodle rescue provides this for our SOS dogs for the remainder of their lives.
Virtual adopters keep this program and its dogs alive by making a small ongoing monthly donation to the dog of their choice. By virtually adopting a dog, virtual adopters will be given updates (Photos, videos or notes from your dog) and will be able to ask questions and meet with other virtual adopters in this group. This group is only about Carolina Poodle Rescue SOS dogs, their virtual adopters, those interested in becoming virtual adopters, caretakers, and volunteers at Carolina Poodle Rescue. Anything other than that will be immediately removed from this site.
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