The Trading Post

THE TRADING POST is a group of Traders who share knowledge, information, and strategies to increase the probability of getting consistent profits in the stock market. We are primarily short-term and position traders but we also have investors and long-term holders in the group.

A Trading Post was a place or establishment where people met and exchanged news of the world or simply news from their home countries in a time when not even newspapers existed.

Our Goal

Primarily, to protect our capital and secondarily, to consistently make profits in the stock market by combining our knowledge, skills, information and strategies.

Our Vision

To develop a pool of members who are knowledgeable, skillful, and resourceful, individually and collectively, and dedicated to helping each other in trading in the stock market.

Our Values

1. Capital Preservation. We believe that our capital is of utmost importance and we protect our capital by choosing our trades well.

2. Technical Analysis. This is our bread and butter. This is where we base future trends, cut-loss points, holding periods, and price entries and exits.

3. Fundamental Analysis. This serves as our guide in trading and is our gold standard in investing.

4. Consistent Profitability. We believe that we can make consistent profits in the stock market given that we follow our strict rules in trading.

5. Concerted Effort. We believe that more heads are better than one. We discuss theories, strategies, news, articles and any relevant information until we come up with the best conclusion and plan of action.

6. Goodwill. We post, comment, suggest, discuss, share, argue, recommend, out of goodwill.

WELCOME to the THE TRADING POST! Where Traders and Investors meet to exchange ideas and news about the stock market. smile emoticon