Quezon City Flirts

This group is R-18 for open-minded and liberated people only. Conservative and judgmental people are not welcome so please stay away from this group as much as possible. We only allow straight males, straight females and bisexual females to join here not just from Quezon City but from outside the country as long as our rules here are being followed.

The purpose of this group is to connect people and have fun including flirting, partying, eyeball meet-up or even casual sex.

Warnings are always optional and violation of any rules will result to removal and permanent ban.

RULES: [Updated in September 12, 2014]

RULE#1 Males are not allowed to offend, intimidate, harass and disrespect any females here. All kinds of female-bashing from males either physically or mentally are prohibited inside this group.

RULE#2 Males are not allowed of posting videos, photos or commenting unnecessary sexual explicit materials and unnecessary sexual languages in this group. Unnecessary perverted things that is too much for a female to take even inside in a sexual liberated group.

RULE#3 No prostitution inside this group. Asking or offering cellphone loads, money and any kind of sex for money involvement are prohibited. Do it secretly and privately instead, we always say here "Prostitution is not Flirting."

RULE#4 Any kind of advertisements, marketing, promotions, job offerings, recruitment and selling or buying stuffs are strictly prohibited in this group. Do not ask or offer any money related things here, only admins of this group are allowed to advertise, promote and recruit.

RULE#5 Gay, transgender or bisexual males are not allowed inside this group.

RULE#6 Arabs are not allowed inside this group.

RULE#7 Multiple same posts or multiple same comments and spamming are not allowed inside this group.

RULE#8 Posting or commenting unnecessary stuffs that is not related to flirting are not allowed inside this group. Unnecessary stuffs such as sarcasm, disturbing, bitterness, hateful, annoying, creepy, disgusting etc.

RULE#9 Only Tagalog and English languages are allowed inside this group.

RULE#10 Males are prohibited from posting sexy photos, sexy videos and cellphone/private numbers of a female in this group or in any other websites including through online chats even with permission from the owner itself. Male admins of this group are exempted from this rule.

Mandatory Requirements:

• Must be 18 years old and above.
• Use your own face or your own body as your profile picture or cover photo. Do not pretend to be someone else on your profile information.
• Only one facebook account per person are allowed in this group. [Admins are exempted]
• Liberated or open-minded to human sexual behavior except for male to male sexual behavior.

To report a certain post to admins simply use "Report post to admin" feature or a "Print screen" of any violation of our rules.

The group was created in September 17, 2013

Enjoy this group of FLINGS!