“FIGHT like a Girl – Kaitlynn’s Journey”

Welcome to Kaitlynn's Journey We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

Our journey started at the end of May. Just a matter of weeks ago but it has been such a whirlwind. Kaitlynn first noticed the bump on her leg a few months ago. It was during soccer season so we didn't think anything of it. We just assumed she got a hard kick to her leg during one of the games. After a couple of months when the bump on her leg grew we decided we should have the pediatrician take a look. Immediately the dr ordered an ultrasound, xray, and many labs. The ultrasound led to the need of an MRI. Next thing we knew we were seeing an Orthopedic surgeon and doing a biopsy.

Long story short, the biopsy confirmed that this bump on her leg is actually a sarcoma (cancer of the bone). We are still awaiting the final pathology reports so they can determine if is osteosarcoma or ewings sarcoma. The treatment plan depends on the final diagnosis but either way chemo will start next week. Tuesday, June 17th (which is also her 14th birthday), she is scheduled for surgery to get a port-a-cath placed. This is an easy access for chemo, labs, etc to decrease the amount of sticks she gets with each treatment. They will either start chemo that day or within a few days following.

We received good news today. The PET scan (full body scan) showed the cancer only in the leg. The rest of the body thankfully looks clear.

We know this is just the beginning of this unexpected, scary journey but hope to use this page to keep our friends and family updated along the way. Thank you for your good thoughts, prayers, and words of encouragement. We are so thankful for such a wonderful support system.

With much love,
The family of Kaitlynn Burbridge