I pretend to text in awkward situations

This is for all of you awkward people out there who just love whipping out your phone when things get awkward! Many of us pretend to press buttons, text, or look through our phone. It provides awkward relief.

Use this group to find an awkward text buddy! Text this person when you are in an awkward situation, so that you arent pretending! Cuz it just gets super awkward when someone asks who u r texting when ur pretending...

Hint: avoid awkward texting when your phone is dead, unless the situation is unbearable. Or if you dont have texting and other people know it.

Awkward Situations To Text In Include:

-Family Weddings.
-Garden Parties.
-Public Transport
-When a guy is walking with a girl and the girl stops to talk with a guy you dont know.
-When you are left with a friends friend while the friend goes to the bathroom
-When someone you dont know gives you a ride
-when you are stopped at a stop light and a creepy guy/lesbian next to you is staring
-When you see someone walking towards you that you met once and you dont know if u should say hi to or not
-When you are waiting for someone/something and want to look cool
-When walking into a party where you know absolutely no one.
-When you run into an ex that you dont really want to talk to and they try to make conversation.
-When you see your friends mom/dad at the mall and u r with a group of friends.
-When for instance you are walking along and you see someone that is about to try to get you to sign up for something or sell you something
-when you go out and see people that you know from school,and you arent really friends with them
you just "know of them"
-when you accidently get into an elevator with someone you "dualed" and havent seen or talked to in 2 weeks
-when you tag along to your friend's professor's office hours
-when someone tells you "oh can you wait here for just a second while i do this"
-when you make very direct yet instantaneous eye contact with an old acquaintance who you definitely don't want to stop and chat with.
-when you're talking face-to-face with someone you don't really like and you pretend-message a friend, trying to tell them to get the hint and bounce!
-when you're sitting on the floor in the hallway outside your dorm room because you just walked in on your roommate and the nerdy guy down the hall having sex and you have to wait for them to finish up
-When you get to a movie/presentation early and have nobody to talk to before it starts
-sitting at the bar waiting for a friend
-When you're hanging out with someone and they're in a text conversation with someone else and you don't want to feel like a loser
-when your waiting at the bus stop with someone you dont know!!
-when you are picking up your to-go food at a restaurant and people you know but dont know come in and you are just sitting there.
-when youre bored at work standing around with coworkers, and than one picks up there phone and walks away, than the next, than its just you
-When your with one of yours friends.
and her and her mom just had this huge fight right in front of you and your friend storms out
-when you waiting in the back parking lot after school for your brother
-when you somehow ended up in a room with a girl you like and you're not completely ready to talk to her yet and you need something to make you not look like a complete loser
-when you sit down to eat dinner but your group of friends haven't arrived yet.
-you were talking to someone in the hallway and they walk into someone's room you don't know and don't want to follow, so you stay in the hallway, waiting for them to come back..but they don't, and someone comes out of their room, walking down the hallway and you feel like an idiot standing there doing nothing with no one..until you start texting..
-when your two Best friends hook up and you're sitting on the other couch while they are holding hands under a blanket while watching a movie
-any third wheel/wingman situation
-when you are walking alone through the hallways of a school and you don't know anyone, and you don't know whether to look at the people or just look down, so instead you pretend you are texting so you can avoid awkward eye contact.
-To avoid big groups of guys that think girl's like being hit on by 5 men at one time
-When someone's just had an angry outburst at someone else and nobody says anything and it's all tense and awkward for ages
-when you are walking toward a friend but there is a big distance between you still and just staring at one another is too awkward
-when your on the bus or in public and ur trying to listen to the people near you's conversation and dont want to look like a stalker.
-when there's only you and a co-worker in the break room...and you never talk to each other...and there's only one magazine on the table.
-when you say hi to someone you know at the supermarket, then proceed to pass them going down every single aisle
-when you ask a friend a personal question and they dont wanna answer
-when you're with people who aren't including you in their conversation
-When your friend starts talking shit about someone and they look at you for support
-When watching tv with the parents and there's a particularly awkward sex scene
-sitting in a waiting room

(feel free to request a position, dont be scared to ask)