Cumnock Sell/Buy/Swap Community Group

Welcome to Cumnock Sell/Buy/Swap and Community Group

Firstly on behalf of all who volunteer to ensure the smooth running of the group I would like to wish you a happy and friendly experience on this group. Your admins are Leanne Torrance, Clurr Burr, Adam McDougal and Heather Ferguson.

This group is for YOU – the citizens of Cumnock and close surrounding areas (KA18 postal code).

Although this is mainly a selling group we also operate for members to provide advice and information to others. This includes any LOCAL events that may be being held such as shopping parties, psychic nights, tea bingos etc.

We understand that many businesses acknowledge the benefits of advertising on selling groups but could we please ask that when businesses are being asked could they please be posted in docs and only bumped/edited once per week.

For legal reasons we do not allow the sale of alcohol, tobacco, fake merchandise or weapons.
When posting an item for sale please ensure price and location are included. This includes charging higher than face value for tickets

We ask all sellers to be with the KA18 postcode area and if out-with can deliver for no more than £5. If you aren't in this are and can't deliver for that price then please don't sell here.

Please only bump your post once in a 24 hour period and also you have 24 hours to reply to any questions as we understand not everyone has 24 hour access.

We would like members to operate on a 1st to ask gets it policy but we can't guarantee this and admin holds no responsibility over this.

When buying from someone please ensure item is in fully working condition before handing over cash as admin hold no responsibility over this.

Please don't ignore or block admin as we are only volunteers to help and also cn ban those who have us blocked thanks to a new facebook feature.

Please remember admin have lives outside facebook and are not on to police the page 24 hours per day, we will get back to you when we can

This is not an admin on a power trip type group and as we don't boss members about we ask members resolve issues between themselves as we have personal problems to deal with and not those of cyberspace