Devotees Of Universal Mother Maha Ragnya Kheer Bhawani

B.C. 9000, the battlefield of Ramayana in Srilanka, Lord Rama freed the Universal Goddess Shyama ( Maha Ragnya )from the clutches of Ravana. She expressed her desire to take seat at a new place by the name Nandan Vana the present Kashmir. Lord Sri Rama ordered his general Hanumana to take Goddess and her associates Nagas to the desired location. Goddess travelled to the Himalayan valley and travelled the entire place and chose Tulmul as her final abode. She liked this place very much as it was already her chosen place for being its origin in her only. Goddess took her seat here along with the 360 Nagas.
It might be this time when the worship of Indrakshi again another form of the same Goddess arrived to Kashmir. Be blessed and spread the spark of the great Goddess!

या द्वादाशार्क परिमंडित मूर्तिरेका
सिम्हासनस्थिति मतिः मुर्गैह वृतामचा I
देवीमनक्षगतिमीश्वरताँ प्रपन्नाम
ताँ नौमि भर्गवपुषीं परमार्थराज्ञीम ।।

I prostrate to Supreme Goddess Maha Ragnya who is lustrous , having a halo of 12 Suns around her. She is seated on the Lion and is wrapped by serpents. She is invisible to the naked eye but only realized by spiritual practice.