Odd jobs, Johnson City and Elizabethton Areas

A group for people who are looking for odd jobs/man work to be done in their house or yard. I personally do a lot of landscaping, cleaning, haul off junk , painting, and many other jobs. I get a lot of requests for work I am not capable of doing but i do know people who can. Maybe if we can get more people added to the group we can create more jobs and get more jobs done without having to call some big business that is going to charge an arm and a leg. This is not Angie's List so no complaints. This is not for free work so please arrange for compensation some how. If you don't want to be a part of this group feel free to remove yourself, but also feel free to share and add friends. Let's get some work done!

Please remember when posting requests for work done to delete the request once help is no longer needed.