The Sugar-free Diet

We all know how hard it is to resist sugar. It's in the line of crack, meth, tobacco, heroin, and alcohol... Only it is readily available, easily accessible, and is EVERYWHERE. Not just in desserts, but in our everyday meals, in alcohol, in "healthy" food, in "diet" food, in meal replacement shakes, in energy bars, in dressings for your salad, under my pillows, in your refrigerators, in my fucking bloodstream... It's fucking everywhere!!! I have befallen like many, and had become addicted to this fine, white, sweet crystalline that comes in many colors and names and forms... and you, too, will follow suit... But before that happens, let us dare to challenge ourselves. Let us dare to give our bodies a break! Let us dare to lead healthy lives! Let us dare to nurture our bodies with food that actually counts and devoid of this unnecessary ingredient that we ingest without even our knowledge! Without our consent! Let us take control of this evil cloaked as a sweet ending and finally crush our appetites from its temptations! For 18 days,* LET US STOP THE SUGAR INTAKE!!!

Absolutely no added sugar. Read the labels, people! You've seen the articles I posted on my timeline about sugar being in spaghetti sauce and other unsuspecting food. Fruits are okay. Agave nectar, honey, and other forms of sugar are not allowed. 18 days* of mood swings, misery, anger, resentment, contention, aggression, and violence. This is why I created this group so we can support and encourage each other each day. Instead of taking it out on your husband or boyfriend, say it here. Let it out. Let it go. We can do this together!!! Invite anyone and everyone, the more the merrier!

*21 days if you want to prolong your misery