Fig Tree Pocket Pony Club Inc

For all old members of the FTP
Fig Tree Pocket Pony Club. At the Fig Tree Pocket Equestrian Centre.

Riders and parents who were official members{Social,Rider-Junior,Associate,Senior}.
And those who competed at the EFA/QIESA events too.Those who also rode at the club,Volunteers.
* Meet old members and re-new old friendships and make new one's. Sentimental Memories.

# The Fig Tree Pocket Equestrian Group Inc at the Equestrian Centre is still going. But the Pony Club side was officially closed in March due to no more incoming riders coming through Musters and Competitions.

*Administration and Creator officer{Of the Fig Tree Pocket Pony Club Group-Facebook}:Candice Olsen;Social Member 1986-1987,Junior,Associate Member 1990-1998,Gymkhana Co-Ordinator 1996-1997,Junior Commitee Member 1994,Junior Commitee President 1996,Fig Tree Pocket Equestrian Club Member{Riding Senior and Social} 1999-2001.


*Those who made a difference:
Ron Garret,Sharon and Tanya Garret
The Naylor Family
Cathy Witham
Sheila Neal,Fiona and Julieta Neal
The Warner Family &Jamie Warner
Michelle Philipps
Renee Snyman
Alexia Duncan
Jane Cunnignton
Lyn & Mark and Kate Gasteen
Harry,Paul and Louise LeBerz
Graham & Bernice and Malia Chappel
The Marshall Family
The Ashover Family
The Beverly Family
The Jarret Family
The Matley Family
The Williams Family
Maureen & Candice Olsen
The Zorzi Family
Marion Harriot
Sue Wilson
Rob and Stuart Kiely
-Many Others who where working tirelessly for many hours over the years to make the club what it was and is.Including ongoing meetings and more with the councils to keep the grounds for more than 20 years.

# I am looking for more information on all members from 1974-2007 so everyone is mentioned. Everyone has made a major contribution to the club over many years.
* Thank you to Sharon Garret for the new information update on former influential members, well appreciated.

*Those who gave us memories:
Lonnie Leburn
Natalie Leburn
Sean & Erica Galetto
Shi Neal
Graham Matley
The Ashover Family
The Beverly Family
The Marshall Family
-To many to mention.Both funny and amazing.

-Sheila Neal
- Natasha Zorzi
-Christine Cox
-Lonnie Handrix{nee Leburn}
-Maureen Olsen
-Marion Harriet
-Kate Gasteen
-Stephanie Forster{ nee Rutherford}

# Remember:
-Hoofbeats{the Pony Club Newsletter and Magazine}
* Working Bees{and was fun painting rails,fixing cross country jumps and adding flags and numbers and pre-setting the canteen for competitions and learning heaps}.
* Annual Trophies{ honour to get them}-Also they are looking for one's which have not been returned including the Combined Training trophy.
* Log Books:Each rider preparing there own for points towards trophies at the end of year. Great creativity and work involved in to showing how well you went with your horse/s at competitions,musters ect...
* Trinkets:- The poster designed and in comedian style of all members and there horses by Lonnie Leburn.
- Representation: Every Member recieved a ribbon,Banner,Hoofpick,notebook as participation prizes over the years at the Break-Up Muster each year.
* Long term reminders:The old rusted car in 3rd paddock from the 1974 floods,The child who died on the pony club road leading to christmas in the early 90's,Nicholas's Black's horse hit by lightning in a bad storm. Rest In Peace.
-Pony Club Camps and excursions and riding trips to Rainbow forest and Emundi.
-Muster Days,Muster Nights,Combined Pony Club Musters.Including Rein Drill and Troop Drill.
-Break-Up End Of year Musters.Not forgetting the Fancy Dress.
-Fig Tree Pocket Dressage Day{in February}
-Fig Tree Pocket One Day Event{Mid year}
-Fig Tree Pocket Hunter Trials
-Fig Tree Pocket Gymkhana{in September}
-Representing Zone 1{All PCAQ Disciplines}
-PCAQ Championships{All Disiplines}
-Respresnting QLD at Nationals in other states
-Representing FTP,Zone 1,QLD at Towards 2000 National Events interstate{All Disiplines}.
-Competing in the RNA.
-Anzac Day March{Kenmore}
-Tollway No Way{1994 at Mt Gravatt}
-20th Anniversery Year 1994.
* We can thank the Fig Tree Pocket Trail Rides{Opposite Lone Pine} and the Beverly's for our horses and ponies for events and riding and trail riding round the pocket.They had there own fan bases and popularity amongst everyone over the years, even when the TR closed early 90's. Off the top off my head popular horses who perfomed well for all riders:
- Kai{around for years and gave fun to all}
-Angus{the Toffy with spark}
-Milo and Shilo{Twin sets of the un-identical kind but boy could they move}
-Harley{not as fast as the classic but had the good oil}
-Muscles{Had endurance and gave Cassie success in the Gymkhana and Hunter Trials and Eventing}
-Charlie{the flea-bitten grey who was slow and narrow but a relaxed ride}
-Nick{the older more advanced school master}
-Caroline{The most relaxing easy to ride mare and a barrel of fun}
-Magpie{the out there shetland who would run you right round a tree, cute though}
-{need help on all the shetland's names}
* I may need references for all of them who you guys rode as well, as I cannot remember them all by name, please send a message on the on'e you rode/competed and how they were for you and I will add them here} :-)
- Those of all ages who rode at Samford Chicken ODE from the yougins to there parents who became well known after attempting something they have never done before.

*Although not PCAQ Fig Tree Pocket was a top Eventing Grounds for many years during late 80's and during the early 90's.

#Other Big Events:
-Fig Tree Pocket EFA * to ** Three Day Events{1988-1994}Many top riders represented Fig Tree Pocket on this occassion names wil appear here soon but here is some:Penny Granger,Christine Cox,Corey Keable,Emma Anderson,Rebel Morrow.
These included Celebrity Showjumping and later on with Sponsors{ I was lucky enough to ride in it for Aroma's Cafe back in 1994 with Emily Matley and Christine Cox}.
-Horse Spectacular{All Disciplines}1993-1995.
-Inter-Tasman Combined Training Event{Hawera High-NZ},St Aidens and Brigidine College};Zoe Williams{St Aidens} and I{Brigidine College} represented FTP and our High Schools on this occassion and Zoe got 1st in Individual Combined Training and 2nd in Individual Dressage medals, I got a 3rd Medal for Individual Showjumping.
-EFAQ Newcomer Horse Of The Year 1995
*- More events coming soon.

#Representive Riders:
-Rebel Morrow{Three Day Eventing Athens 2004 Olympics}
-Niki Chapman{Adelaide International *** Winner and placed hightly in **** events WC and consistant placegetter at this level and under}
-Annabelle,Genevive,Emily Casey in Royal Shows and HOTY's and SHC in Qld,Nsw,Victoria in Led,Ridden and Rider Class as well as Turnout classes of the highest calibre.
-Anna Kerrison{PCAQ Rider competing in New Zealand for Australia on borrowed horses with four firsts,two seconds,two thirds and one fourth...I hope I got it right, as well as numerous State, Nationals and Zone Events with Ruffles and Sonic}.
- Malia Chappel competed successfully in the UK during late 2005-2006.

#-Represented Club,Local,Zone,Nationaly,Interstate,Championships
{EFA and PCAQ}
All States and Disciplines:
- Kate Gasteen{Dressage,Eventing,Showjumping,Equitation,Gymkhana. Zone,State,Nationals,Interstate}
-Natsha Zorzi{Dressage,Eventing,Showjumping,Combined Training,Equitation,Gymkhana. Zone,State,Nationals,Interstate}
-Corey Keable {Dressage,Eventing,Showjumping,Gymkhana and EFA Eventing. State,Interstate}
-Penny Granger {Dresage,Eventing,Showjumping,Combined Training including a club in Victoria. Zone,State,Nationals,Interstate}
-Sharon Garret{EFA and PCA Dressage,Eventing}
-Tanya Garret{EFA and PCA Dressage,Eventing}
-Christine Cox:
{ Eventing,Dressage,Showjumping,Equitation,Combined Training,Gymkhana. Zone,State,Interstate}
-Cathy Witham{ Eventing,Showjumping. Zone,State,Intersate}
-Shiela Niel{ Eventing,Showjumping. Zone, State,Nationals,Intersate}
-Emma Anderson{ Dressage,Eventing,Showjumping. Zone,State,Nationals,Interstate}
-Melanie Norcott{ Dressage,Eventing Nationals and State EFA and PCAQ}
-Fleur Norcott{Gymkhana}
-Malia Chappel{Dressage,Eventing,Equitation,Showjumping,Combined Training,Gymkhana Zone,State,Nationals EFA and PCA}
-Sarah Fitton{ Eventing,Dressage,Zone,State,Interstate.Overseas UK Nationals and State EFA and PCA and *** 3DEs}
-Chloe Jarret{Eventing,Equitation,Showjumping,Combined Training. Zone,State,Nationals,Intersate EFA and PCA}
-Anna Kerrison{ Eventing,Dressage,Combined Training,Showjumping,Equitation,Gymkhana.Zone,State,Nationals,Interstate,Overseas New Zealand Nrth PCA and EFA}
-Emily Matley{ Eventing,Dressage,Combined Training,Equitation,Gymkhana. Zone,State,Intersate}
-Anna Humphries{ Dressage,Showing,Eventing,Combined Training,Showjumping,Gymkhana. Zone, State}
-Joanna Pittard {Showjumping,Eventing,Dressage,Gymkhana. Zone,State}
-Simone Marshall{ Dressage,Combined Training,Eventing,Equitation,Gymkhana. Zone,State,Nationals,Interstate}
-Stephanie Marshall:{ Dressage,Showjumping,Combined Training,Showing,Gymkhana}
-Trish Hack:{Dressage,Showjumping,Eventing,Combined Training}
-Marion Harriot{Dressage,Eventing,Showjumping,Hunter Trials,Gymkhana's}
-Nadia Coxon {Dressage,Eventing,Showjumping,Gymkhana}
-Sally Neal{ Eventing,Showjumping,Gymkhana. Zone}
-Sally McBryde{Eventing,Dressage,Showjumping. Zone,State,Nationals}
-Annabelle Casey{EFA Showing,PCA Sporting,Gymkhana,Jamboree-Tenterfield PC}
-Genevive Casey{EFA Showing,PCA Sporting,Gymkhana,Jamboree-Tenterfield PC Zone,State,Intersate}
-Emily Casey{EFA Showing,PCA Sporting,Gymkhana,Jamboree-Tenterfield PC.Zone,State,Interstate}
-Katy Warner{Dressage,Eventing,Showjumping,Equitation,Combined Training and PCA Bending RNA 1991 3rd. Zone,State}
-Liz Gaffney {nee Corkery}{Dressage,Combined Training,Showjumping,Eventing,Gymkhana{Zone,State}
-Stephanie Forester{nee Rutherford} {Dressage,Eventing,Showing,Combined Training,Gymkhana. Zone}
-James Billings{Dressage,Eventing,Showjumping,Combined Training,Equitation,Showing,Gymkhana.Zone,State,Nationals}
-John Carney{Dressage,Eventing,Showjumping,Combined Training,Showing,Gymkhana. Zone,State,Nationals}
-Nicholas Black{Dressage,Eventing,Showjumping,Combined Training,Showing,Gymkhana later Polo}
-Christopher Carney {Dressage,Eventing,Showjumping,Combined Training,Equitation,Showing,Gymkhana. Zone }
-Hamish Jarret {Dressage,Eventing,Showjumping,Combined Training,Showing,Gymkhana. Zone,State}
-Macushla Pie{Dressage,Combined Training,Showjumping,Eventing}
-Lonnie Hendrix{nee Leburn} Dressage,Eventing,Combined Training,Showjumping,Gymkhana. Zone,State}
-Natalie Leburn{Dressage,Eventing,Combined Training,Showjumping,Gymkhana. Zone,State,Nationals}
-Sarah Ashover{ Dressage,Eventing,Combined Training,Showjumping,Equitation,Gymkhana}
-Sophie Ashover{ Dressage,Eventing,Combined Training,Showjumping,Equitation,Gymkhana. Zone,State}
-Thomas Ashover{ Dressage,Showjumping,Gymkhana}
-Karen Beverly
{ Dressage,Showjumping,Eventing,Combined Training,Equitation,Gymkhana. Zone,State}
-Clare Beverly
{ Dressage,Showjumping,Eventing,Combined Training,Equitation,Gymkhana.Zone,State}
-Kate Elvery{ Dressage,Showjumping,Eventing,Combined Training,Equitation,Gymkhana.Zone}
-Laura Sanderson {Dressage,Eventing,Showjumping,Combined Training,Equitation,GYmkhana.Zone}
-Cassandra Stephens {Dressage,Eventing,Showjumping,Combined Training,Hunter Trials,Equitation,Gymkhana.Zone}
-Andra Bite{Dressage,Eventing,Showjuping,Combined Training,Gymkhana,Equitation}
-Kailie Soul{Dressage,Showjumping,Gymkhana,Rally}
-Lara Quinn{ Dressage,Eventing,Showjumping,Combined Training,Equitation.Zone}
-Gretchen Smith {Dressage,Showjumping,Showing,Combined Training,Eventing, Hunter Trials,Sporting.Zone}
-Jessica Jenkins {Dressage,Eventing,Showjumping,Combined Training,Gymkhana and PCA Dressage Nationals NSW 2002}
-Lisa Elwin{ Dressage,Showing,Combined Training,Gymkhana. Zone,State}
-Kylie McGrath{Dressage,ODE,Combined Training,Showjumping,Equitation,Hunter Trials,Gymkhana.Zone and State}.
-Marnie McKendrick{nee McGrath} Dressage,ODE,Combined Training,Showjumping,Equitation,Hunter Trials,Gymkhana.Zone and State}
- Africa Del Arco {Dressage,Eventing,Showjumping,Combined Training,Hunter Trials,Equitation,Gymkhana}
-Sonja Rosevear {Dressage,Eventing,Showing,Showjumping,Hunter Trials,Equitation,Combined Training,Gymkhana}
-Marina Rosevear{ Dressage,Equitation,Gymkhana}
-Jenny Sender{ Dressage,Eventing,Hunter Trials,Combined Training,Showing,Gymkhana}
-Liam Bartley{PCAQ Events}
-Christopher Bartley{PCAQ Gymkhana's}
-Kyra Bartley{Dressage,Showjumping,Eventing,Combined
-Nicola Bartley{Gymkhana's,Showjumping,Eventing}
-Rob Kiely{Gymkhana's,Hunter Trials,Eventing}
-Stewart Kiely{Gymkhana's,Eventing,Showjumping}
-Maureen Olsen{nee Lane}{Eventing,Gymkhana's,Showjumping}.
- Yvette Abery{nee Olsen} {Dressage,Eventing,Showjumping,Gymkhana}
- Candice Olsen: Dressage,Showjumping,Jumping Equitation,Showing,Eventing,Gymkhana,Rally,Combined Training,Hunter Trials,Rally{Showing and Showjumping Taree and Comboyne Shows NSW October 2002,Newcomer's Horse Of The year 1995}.
-Nicholas Olsen{Gymkhana}
* Feel free to message me if I missed anyone or any information.

* QISEA{Interschool Competitions}And State
-Annabelle Casey:BGG{Showing}
-Genevive Casey:BGG{Showing}
-Emily Casey:FTP State School,BGG{Showing}
-Zoe Williams; St Aidens{Dressage}
-Georgia Williams:St Aidens{Dressage,Combined Training}
-Karen Beverly:St Aidens{Dressage,Combined Training,Showjumping}
-Clare Beverly:St Aidens{Dressage,Combined Training,Showjumping}
-Alexandra Quayle:St Aidens{Showjumping,Eventing,Combined Training,Hunter Trials}
-Nadia Coxon:St Aidens{Showjumping,Eventing,Combined Training}
-Jessica Jenkins:St Aidens{Dressage,Showjumping,Combined Tarining,Eventing}
-Gretchen Smith:St Aidens{Dressage,Combined Training,Eventing,Combined Training}
-Jenny Sender:St Aidens{Dressage,Showjumping,Eventing}
-Africa Del Arco:IGGS{Dressage,Eventing,Showjumping}
-Kate Gasteen:BBG{Dressage,Combined Training,Showjumping,Eventing}
-Anna Kerrison:BBG{Dressage,Combined Training,Showjumping,Eventing,Hunter Trials}
-Anna Humphries:BGG{Showing,Dressage,Combined Training,Eventing}
-Kyra Bartley:BGG{Showing,Showjumping,Eventing,Combined Training}
-Emily Matley:IGGS{Dressage,Eventing,Combined Training,Hunter Trials}
-Chloe Jarret: St Peter's Lutheran College{Dressage,Combined Training,Eventing}
Kiara Malley:St Peter's Lutheran College{Showjumping,Combined Training,Eventing,Sporting}
-Zara Hijazi:Mt St Michaels and John Paul Collage{Showing,Combined Training,Dressage,Eventing,Sporting}
-Yvette Abery{nee Olsen}:Stuartholme{Dressage,Hunter Trials,Showjumping}
-Stephanie Forster{nee Rutherford}: Brigidine College{Sporting}
-Candice Olsen:Brigidine College{Showing,Dressage,Showjumping,Hunter Trials,Sporting}
- Many more so if you can remember any one, and schools just message me and I will add the rest.

#Paper Appeances:
-The riders who rode at the 1990 FTP Break Up Muster and Sarah and Sophie Ashover,Clare and Karen Beverly as the Ninja Turtles in the main photo.
*-The Horse Spectacular event:
-Malia Chappel
-Emily Matley
-Alexandra Quayle
* Malia Chappel, 1999 Interview in Courier Mail with Francess Whiting with Bear.
*The Three Day Event:Corey Keable,Penny Granger,Christine Cox.
-Candice Olsen{1994,1995,1996}Photos taken at Club with dad and the family and at home.

* Magazines: The Horse Magazine:-Malia Chappel,Emily Matley,Anna Humphries,Candice Olsen and more......
* Tv:The Club appeared on a tv show in the mid 90's but have no idea what is was about.
-Candice Olsen{in 1995} After dad won the Queensland Oaks, at the club grounds riding Rusty.

* Top Coaches over the years:Andrew Hoy, Gillian Rolten,Heath Ryan,Robert Stewart,John & Pip Cooper,Colleen Brook, Jocelyn Sander{nee Park},Katie Parker,Guy Creighton and so many more{feel free to add}.

* The comical agisted horses and ponies{Mischief makers}:
-Stripe:Would open gates,steal feed from floats,let the horses out of the grounds as far as Kenmore,Pick up buckets in then pull them back to him outside} Yes he was my horse.And we bred him.:-)
-Ruffles:Fence and gate jumper, to the feed and when finished jumped well above 4ft, I wish I had a camera when he was doing this totally awsome thing, he made feed time's easier for Anna.
- Spike:Well known for running head first in to poles in Bending races and going straight}.
-Sunny:When it suited him he would run away as to avoid going to Dresssage event, that includes the 1993 Nationals at Samford Golden Valley, heard it happened at least twice.
-I need more help here there were more.

* Feel free to message me any information regarding anything above and in-correct mistakes.