Christmas Crashers - Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas Parade

HEYYY Y'ALL! The Friends & Family are crashing Mickey's Christmas Party with style! I wanted to create a Facebook group with everyone from the opening unit so we can have a place to plan fun stuff for Christmas time. :) I was uber jealous of everyone last night and their special bows, hats, and Christmasy things. :P I think it would be a blast to do some group activities like that. We could make specific unit items like sweatpants, or t-shirts, or maybe even visors for Kristi. :P Also, we could have special days like tacky sweater day or X-mas sock day, or we can bring in certain baked goodies!?! Idk just throwing things out there. If anyone has any other ideas post them so we can talk about them. Oh, great place for us all to post the pictures throughout the season too! :) I love the Christmas time, and I'm so excited for this season. :D I'm not friends with like anyone from our unit so please add anyone I have missed. :/ Thanks y'all! HAPPY KWANZAA!!