North American TCG Market

This group is meant for selling, buying and trading.
1. Respect the admins. Every admin is different, and each gets mad at different things, so just be aware and don't piss them off.
2. Actions that will get you into trouble include: Spamming, excessive trolling, and disrespecting other members.
3. If you have any issues with someone or something take it to PM. The group does not need to see your arguments.
4. Please don't dispute asking prices or trade values. If you feel that their offer is unfair, just don't say anything. They won't get any trading out of it, so let them learn the hard way.
5. Falsifying of information on Trade Terms will result in a warning, or possibly a ban.
6. Try to keep offers for stuff realistic and away from trolling as much as possible. Also please try to not advertise your trades/haves on other people's trade documents/pictures. Non-realistic offer I.E. Tree fiddy.
7. All trades are to follow the trade reference rules, to see them go to the trade reference document and read the first 6 comments.
8. Scamming is not tolerated.