Glamorous Cooking (Eat In Style by Feritta)

This group is an open forum for all you enthusiastic cooks out there to post pictures of your tasty and most beautiful creations! You are free to post your pictures and links provided you keep in mind a few easy to follow guidelines


1. Pictures and links to recipes via blog/Facebook/Youtube page are permitted and we encourage you to provide a recipe link as well.. You can post to a general webpage as well, provided your recipe link is also provided or will be provided on request.

2. Please only post ONLY YOUR BEST pictures of recipes you have made.

3. Posting pictures and food links to recipes you have not made is discouraged and will be deleted.

4. Non-food related posts will be deleted.

5. Just posting recipes and not interacting on other posts will be deemed as self promotion and you may be deleted from this group.

6. Any comments or behavior deemed rude or abusive will be deleted and may lead to you being blocked.

7. No selling is permitted on this group.

8. Posting multiple posts one after the other is discouraged.