Pinky McKay Parenting by Heart Mummy Meet Ups - DARWIN

This closed group is for members of the Parenting By Heart Community and other like minded Mothers to co-ordinate and update information about the Parenting By Heart Mummy Meet-Ups in this region.
These groups originated through Mummy Meet ups that were held occasionally by Pinky McKay, author of Parenting By Heart, Sleeping Like a Baby, 100 Ways to Calm the Crying and Toddler Tactics.
We encourage open and honest communication, but ask that all comments adhere to a respectful tone and no judgement is entered in to.
At our organised meet ups. you should feel safe to share your motherhood stories with each other in a supportive, respectful environment.
We respectfully ask that the page not be used as a vehicle for self promotion, business links, other facebook pages or any other spam material.
We encourage group members to join us at Pinky’s Parenting by Heart Membership program which includes access to a private forum, an archive of recorded interviews with internationally acclaimed professionals in early childhood, infant health and mother’s issues, discounts at the Pinky shop, and a monthly opportunity to speak with Pinky on the “Ask Pinky” calls, held on the first Friday of the month.
We’d love to see you there!