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This group is a place for the active exchange of information, education, ideas, questions, health issues, basically anything that relates to nutrition, physiology, health and medicine, with a strong focus on vitamin d and all its players.
Please read the pinned post, the file "just diagnosed now what?" and watch the videos listed there.

This group is not a dogma follower, it is a place to inquire and understand, and ask freely and especially to question set guidelines. Please feel free to ask any questions you have, feel free to share posts and articles, or comments/questions/ideas/experiences/theories... or just asking for guidance.

Please PM me with any concerns, questions, suggestions...

I hope we all enjoy our time here. it is a closed group so what is in the group stays in the group we should all feel safe to voice. this should be a place where we feel safe and secure concerning our health-concerns and what we share. fay

ps: while its still new and easy to do because there aren't that many yet, i highly recommend scrolling down to the first post and working your way back up to 'now'....and reading the older posts....there might be something of interest that could be brought back into action...

I highly encourage you to read and youtube as much as you can till you have a 'well rounded and big picture' understanding of your health concerns. Always look deeper than headline news. and try whenever possible to discuss with and or educate your drs in areas that need to be addressed for the betterment of your health...

DISCLAIMER: this is a lay persons support group and not in place of your medical doctors recommendations, we exchange ideas, information, questions and support.

the more we know and understand the better we are able to make the changes necessary to have better health. there is a serious need to put into action physiology's role in health, and incorporating the basics of optimal nutrition in everyday allopathic SOC standard of care. every single metabolic action requires a vitamin and a mineral, if we can get that baseline focused on, the whole paradigm focus of our medical system will have shifted from symptom management without addressing causation to health and wellness with emphasis on causation.

if we look at structure we can understand function.
in the body a lot of that 'structure' are chemical interactions, so it is a whole lot more complicated than understanding straight mechanical structures, intricate it is, but ignoring such basic fundamentals of nutritional status, and in place, the focus being that of treating dysfunctions with chemicals that profoundly alter basic physiology is not in my opinion the best way of dealing with health.
there is a huge difference in the health care of everyday quality of life issues vs emergency. there is a huge gap and a lot of suffering in its wake.

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