Texas Kayak Fisherman (TKF)

Kayak fishing is fast becoming the hottest way to access the vast stretches of shallow water on and around the Texas Gulf Coast. From Sabine Lake to South Bay; from Lake Meredith to Toledo Bend; from Amistad to Lake of the Pines, we have some of the best inshore and inland fishing in the world! With kayaking becoming the fastest growing segment of the water sports industry, you will have an opportunity to take advantage of this kayak fishing revolution. We here at Texas Kayak Fisherman.com will try to share our knowledge and the knowledge of our resident member experts so that we can help this environmentally friendly sport grow to its potential. Join in on discussions about rigging your first kayak for fishing, taking that first step offshore into the awe-inspiring world of ocean kayaking around the short rigs, entering the skinny waters of our bay systems for some flats fishing around Aransas Pass / Rockport, going after wall hanging bass in Lake Fork, or just planning our next get together at The Kayak Shack. You’ll find something you like about this website…everyone does. Get expert advice on fly fishing. Learn the genetically programmed habits of your quarry from our wildlife biologists. Get the latest information on the movement of your favorite species in your home waters. Find out where that big school of Speckled Trout are holding off Marsh Point today or the status of the fall flounder run at Rollover or San Luis Pass.