Single Bikers Clubhouse

Welcome to the "Single Bikers Clubhouse"! A group page where SINGLE Bikers/Motorcyclists can meet other SINGLE Bikers/Motorcyclists/women that enjoy motorcycles. We don't claim to be the "real" biker dating group page because we don't have to like all the other group pages.

Please don't DISRESPECT others (A TRUE BIKER knows & understands the meaning of that word) Please leave your kindergarten "colors" off the page-this is not a kindergarten gang for kids). Yes-we have a very few rules as with all group pages such as:

1. NO DISRESPECTING anyone-we don't need to enplane the definition on that, do we?

2. No hard core pornography pictures showing explicit nudity-cartoon pictures aren't real people so it might be accepted unless we get a complaint, Then we will remove it with out action to the poster. "PER FACEBOOK RULES-NOT OURS"

3. If you feel the need to F this & F that....then you will be f'n removed also. The constant bad language just tells us your mentality level.

4. Wanna-be tough guys please leave your ego's on the gay porn group page.

This IS a biker dating page-not "The Catholic Church Riders For Relationships", & some posts may be out of taste, If any of you dis-like a post, please bring it to out attention. but again-its a biker dating group so please keep that in mind. We want you all to enjoy this group & maybe turn it into something positive if you enjoy bikes & fellow bikers/riders.