Otago Flatting Goods

If you need to buy or sell anything from your flats chuck it up on here for all Otago students to see.
Beds, desks, chairs, couches, set of draws, TV, you name it... put it up!
Help everyone get sorted for next year!
Or even if you need a flat to live in, or need a flat mate to come and fill a room!

Post a photo of your item with the included price you are wanting for it.
Please be honest with the condition of your item, post a photo of damage etc.
Once sold, please "Delete the Post" from the page to make it easier for others.

If you want something, commit to buying it through posting on the wall, and message the seller to arrange payment and shipping/pick up with them

Put a post up that you are needing a flat to live in, and state the months or year or whatever you need a room.
Or post up your advertisement with the room that is going for rent in your flat so people can see
Arrange through message to go and have a look at the room and what not

If you have agreed on a sale, please do the right thing and follow through with it, there are no legal obligations on this site, unlike TradeMe. So be kind to each other and play nice. Greediness and bitchiness have no place here.

Personal shops and company sales and other commercial activities will create disturbance to others who is trying to buy/sell for their flats. Therefore, will not be allowed here.

Dishonesties, harassments, spamming will result in removal, warning or blacklisting from the group.

Have fun and feel free to invite all your scarfie friends.