Evergreen Colorado Neighbors & Friends

~ Evergreen Colorado Neighbors & Friends~

Evergreen and Surrounding Foothills Happenings. Information & News Updates, Business, Dining, Retail, Local Photography, Events, Ideas, Opinions… you name it. Join us, and join in the conversation!

Group Rules: Please, do not post garage sale items, free items, or personal arts and crafts for sale. When posting photos, if the subject/ theme is the same, please group them together in one post (not a bunch of individual shots). Business or self promotion postings will be limited to twice a month. Local restaurants, bars, and retail that are running specials will be permitted to post once a week, also non profits. Only business postings relating to our mountain communities will be permitted. Our posts should be about Evergreen and the surrounding areas, so let's stay on topic. This group is not about politics or religion, please keep your beliefs and opinions to yourself. Posts will be removed promptly and without notice, if they do not comply to the rules as stated.

Thank you Evergreen Colorado Neighbors & Friends!