LA sneakerhead society (LASS)

this group is for buying, selling, and trading authentic shoes no variants, fakes, or AAA replicas. if you try to post fakes youll be kicked out

Seller ::: Please post pictures, size, condition, and price (even if it's a price range),

Trade ::: Please run a legit check on a person in this group before trading. We recommend to sell your pair and buy the sneaker you want to but the risk is yours.

Buyers ::: Ask as many questions as you feel needed and run as many legit checks as you feel needed, if you do intend to buy. Try not to run the seller in circles if you have no commitment to purchase.


you may price your items at the price you feel is fair to you. Beware of price gouging this group will eat you alive. If you feel you want top dollar take your product to a more heavier traffic site such as eBay.

We are not responsible for any transactions that are not completed as described, we are not responsible for you receiving a product as not described if you are having issues please contact the seller and try to work things out.

This is a free market and Please conduct yourself in a professional manner. Thank you!

When selling a shoe, you must have the following
1. a picture
2. the size
3. a condition out of 10. not "VNDS" ex: 7/10

Constantly Low balling will get you kicked out.

Flaking will get you automatically kicked out.
( Must have some sort of evidence or someone to vouch for you)

Over priced taxing will get you kicked out.