Northern Nevada Private Gun / Firearm Sales, Trade and Barter

“The private sale of firearms is regulated in most locations, and may even be prohibited. In some locations, a background check may be required prior to transfer. Please ensure that you are following laws that apply to you. All members are required to be at least 18 years of age to access this page. Learn more:"

REMINDER: Watch the language and don't dump on another party's post. Don't like what someone is offering, or their price MOVE ON! It is your responsibility, for your own sake and that of the larger community, to know whether you are an eligible buyer/sell/trader and whether your weapon is totally compliant with state and federal statutes. Invite other Nevada firearms enthusiasts. What do you have to sell/trade?? Must be legally able to purchase and own a firearm, and should possess valid ID. Gun accessories, Bows & Knives are acceptable to post. No miscellaneous items..."truck/tent/kids for guns".

Adjust your "notifications" settings, to limit or enhance communications. Start a sales/trade post, by posting a photo and stating your approximate location/value or asking price. For example - - Las Vegas: For sale H&K Compact .40 $800 cash/trade?, etc.. Don't like something, move along (No price comments or rude remarks). REMOVE POSTS WHEN COMPLETE. Hostile folks will be banned.

**Please note, group administrators bear no responsibility in these entirely private buyer/seller transactions. Thank you!**