Fort Campbell, Clarksville, Hopkinsville, Buy, Sell, Trade


Due to recent events it’s time to update the Groups Rules.

Any infraction will get you thrown out. “PERIOD”

1. No vulgarity “I don’t care who started it.” If your post or your comment has vulgarity, you will be removed from the group.
2. No Weapons. That means Guns, Bows and Knives.
3. No Pets, I am sorry to say, but this is the largest area we encounter rip-offs. And a few bad apples have spoiled the barrel.
4. No Drama….If you don’t have something good to comment, do not comment anything. If you can prove someone is ripping people off, report it to administration. If you have been personally ripped off, that’s between you and that party, not for the whole group.
5. NO PM me, Friend me or Text me, for DETAILS/INFORMATION, schemes. All transactions must be UP FRONT and on the board. Include all details in your post.
6. No GROUP POSTING: links of groups that are: TRAINS, COTMs, PARTY PAGES, MISC. GROUPS (Giveaways, swapping, raffles, or any other group or mass online event).
7. No Posting for companies like: INSTANT REWARDS, ZNZ, WAKEUPNOW, REFERRAL COMPANIES,. Direct sales means you sell actual products, not services like Legalshield, MCA, Ameriplan, etc.
8. Using HootSuite or any automatic posting Apps or posts advertising them are NOT allowed EVER
9. You can only post the same item TWO times per day. You will be warned once of abuse of this, continue to do it and you will be removed!! You may; however, respond as many times as you want on other's threads as long as it's not spamming them. If you post your link repeatedly, you will be banned from the group with no warning.

Our Group is the fastest growing group that serves Fort Campbell, Clarksville, Hopkinsville and the surrounding community’s.
This Group is here to serve our community; it has in the past, and will continue to do so in the future.

Please continue to post any Missing Persons, Lost pets or community events and bring it to the attention of an admin so they can post that info to the top.

This is a Family Group
Treat others with respect and value their thoughts as if they were your own. Give honor to God and bring love and kindness to share when posting.

Have a Blessed Day….
Emmanuel Green...
Chief Administrator

Check Businesses back ground and Records at these sites.