Global Lesbians AfterDark

*You must be able to prove your i...dentity, if you get denied, inbox one of the admins and let them know why you have no photos*

Catfish profiles will be investigated & exposed publicly.

Welcome ladies, 18+

This is a NO judgement zone, a group for lesbians to come and talk shit and meet new people.
Come play games, ask questions, give advice, and get to socialize with people from all around the world while doing so. We encourage live videos ladies, so dont be afraid to show yourselves.

please read...all groups have rules and here are a few of ours.

NO ADVERTISING GROUPS,PRODUCTS, OR SERVICES. anything you may want to advertise can be discussed with an admin and posted through an admin ONLY.

This group is for Lesbian,bisexual,pansexual, transexual, gender queer, asexual women, ally women, and any women WORLDWIDE who want to come out that maybe need support doing so.

If you go on a reporting spree, you will be BLOCKED.

NO MEN (you would think this would be a given but still so many try.
and more importantly NO FAKES- we will find you and when we do,you will get removed and banned.


Nudes are allowed but at your own expense. ;)

How We run this group is entirely up to us...
how you choose to use this group is entirely up to you, whether it be to find the love of your life, or a best friend, or just to talk shit when you have nothing else better to do. We are here to have fun, and debate, and make friends...that being said, bullying of ANY sort shall not be tolerated. We encourage people to express their opinions but the moment this becomes abusive, degrading or just damn right offensive then you shall be removed, with no warning.

if you have any questions or complaints please write me (Amina Meme) or write Irianna Vargas Poulsen.

Enjoy ladies, invite your friends and dont be a stranger sharing videos and pictures <3