Derby City Sneaker Club

Welcome to Derby City Sneaker Club a buy, sell, and trade group for sneakers of all kind. ONLY! ( Clothing is allowed ONLY! if you are including them with the selling of your shoes.)
These are a few rules to follow, to prevent from being BANNED!
1. Please NO selling/trading of VARIANTS and/or FAKE shoes. This will result in an immediate ban from the group.
2.Please post the price, condition, and size of the shoe(s) anytime you try to sell.
If you just want to trade, then just post the size, condition, and "looking for trades. NO "offers, offer up, best offer takes them" etc will be allowed in this group. Consistent breaking of these rules will result in being banned from the group.
3. Consistent cases against you will result in a ban from the group. If your not going to go through with the business you have agreed to between members,it will lead to a case which will result in being banned from the group.
4. Please Be respectful to everyone. This is a group so people would increase their collection, meet new people, make some money, and converse and share their thoughts about kicks. Please save all of the unnecessary comments by keeping them to yourself. ADULT Mentality is Required. NO argument(s), a warning will be issued to those who are involved in any argument(s). Failure to comply, and you will be banned.
5. Please delete your post once your item has been sold or traded.