March Cambridgeshire Free Discussion

The March Cambridgeshire Free Discussion Group is open to everyone over the age of thirteen. The Group has two key rules:

1)We do not allow advertising
2)We do not allow the use of foul language

We support community based projects and we do allow the promotion of charitable causes and events - particularly local causes and events.

We hope to provide a platform for everyone - from the passionately opinionated about any given subject to those who simply wish to know what time the shops are open for business.

The March Cambridgeshire Free Discussion Group are keen to foster free speech as much as is reasonably possible in an all-inclusive group such as ours. However, we are not a free-for-all. We do not allow pictures that are not accompanied by your own text. We will not tolerate bullying or threatening behaviour. We will not allow our Group to become a platform for personal vendettas. If anyone feels that they are being bullied or threatened they should contact a member of our admin team asap.

Whilst our admin team are free to participate in discussions, we remain totally neutral when it comes to the task of administering the Group. We have no leaders - each member of our admin team contributes to the way the group is run and each individual member of the team has the proxy of the Group admin team.

We hope that you find the Group useful and enjoyable. It is worthwhile bearing in mind a couple of key points:

1)If you post your point of view on a subject, it is likely that there will be someone who holds an opposing opinion so it's useful to bear that in mind before hitting the 'Post' button.

2) It is also likely that the person who is infuriating you with their opinion on a subject may well be someone who will agree with you on many other subjects.

Please be tolerant of those with opposing views - we hope you enjoy the Group.

PS. Admin will delete foul language and advertising as soon as we see it. Anyone persistently using foul language or repeatedly attempting to advertise is likely to be removed from the group without notice.

We sometimes make mistakes, if you feel that your post has been wrongly deleted, please contact a member of our team.

Local businesses with situations vacant are welcome to advertise here: