Lake Louise Hair Care & More

Hello Y'all,
I know that hair and other stuff do with it can be expensive in Banff and surrounding area so I am making my own small business. It's cheap and I've already done Katie Volpé & Tehren Nielsen hair and they told me they love it. The prices are as follows: Cuts:
Bangs $5.00
Full Hair $10.00
Guys hair $7.00 Colour :
You buy the stuff $15.00-$20.00 depends on what I need to do.
My dye $25.00 Waxing:
Eyebrow $10.00
Lip $ 5.00 Makeovers:
$15.00 (Includes how to properly apply makeup) If you would like to do any of these please message or call me/text to set up a date! 416-795-2553
Thanks smile emoticon