The Art of Piano-playing

Welcome to "The Art of Piano-playing"!

Feel free to add links, videos and other materials to share,
ONLY related to "The Art of Piano-playing" , that is of value for the other members of the group. Be considerate and wise (if be in doubt: look at the former postings; avoid spamming)
- If possible: post videos directly from youtube, not by way a website or Spotify.
- Posting of soundclouds is only possible after consent/permission (by exception!).
- Piano Music means: acoustical or digital (real piano sound) and harpsichord, but NO synthesizer. (This group is not a keyboard/midi group)

The official language in this group is English (because this is an international group). That means:
- Comments about the videos /messages must be in English.
- Warning: We don't tolerate insult, slash or negative criticism about members!
- Documentaries, lectures, interviews etc. (for preference) in English or supplied with sufficient subtitles.

About spamming:
There are numerous other terrific groups that are appropriate for posting materials that are not related to The Art of Piano-playing. Any post here that has no connection to this PIANO music group (whether other music, art, self-promotional materials, or advertisements etc.) will be deleted.
Abusers of this policy will be banned without further warning.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.