Aussie Travelers Free Choice Camping

Our Mascot is an 'ORANGE RIBBON' tied around the car/van antenna, this helps members recognise other members whilst traveling around.
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This is a Responsible Camping Forum.
A community to build social and environmental issues around freedom camping.
Providing travelers with good information about camping in Australia will make a real difference to their behavior.
Campers are an important sector of Australian’s tourism industry, as they travel widely throughout the country,

It is hoped that Educational programmes, will result in more campers staying in holiday parks, campsites and other designated camping areas.

Our message to campers
The Forum’s central message to international and Australian freedom campers is: Please stay in holiday parks, camping grounds or other designated camping areas.
We proactively encourage campers to assume nothing, and check with Visitor Centres, or holiday parks to find out where they are permitted to freedom camp and to get other local camping information. If in doubt ask!

What is freedom camping?
We are encouraging Travelers to retain their sense of freedom, but camp in designated areas.

Freedom camping is a popular way to enjoy Australia and we don’t want to prohibit people from traveling that way, but we do want to minimise any negative impacts.

Who are freedom campers?
There are no precise figures on the number of people who freedom camp.
However, it is popular with both Australian and international visitors.
In general, freedom campers are Free Independent Travelers (FIT) who are an important sector for Australian tourism.

Where can people freedom camp in Australia?
Restrictions on freedom camping vary in each State.
In some areas people can camp with relative freedom but in other places freedom camping is restricted to selected areas.
It is up to each community to manage freedom camping in ways that are appropriate for them.