Ambitious Online Marketers

AOM (Ambitious Online Marketers) is a group created specially for the interests of people who score 8+ on a scale of 10, where 10 is 'crazily ambitious'.

The idea is to rise above arbitrary opportunities and get into the core of wealth creation. 'Secrets of the millionaire mind' and 'The science of getting rich' kind of stuff (to name a few).

Of course this group would be a forum for opportunity exchange as well, and members are welcome to post events and seminar invites very very liberally. Often the members who do, would be operating on specific wealth creation systems and discussion on the best of various systems will be great value for all members. (There's more great stuff on

Additionally, sharing the motivators for ambition and the results (success stories) would be excellent inputs from all members.

Your presence on AOM will signal to the world that you are a leader to be watched. Whether you consider that an opportunity or a threat will determine which side of the group you would be on :-) Welcome!