The "Injustice:Gods Among Us Mobile Fan Forum" is a respectful and informative alternative to other IGAU groups. Please read below to familiarze yourself with what group members are either required or encouraged to do and what not to do.
1- Group members are encouraged to post imformative topics and support one another with advice and answers. Any debate in the group must be handled with courtesy and respect. No group member may insult another member on any grounds, either personally, or make comments against another member's ethnicity, religion, nationality, color, sexual orientation or any other grounds that can be considered offensive to any groups or people as a whole.
2- Group members are encouraged look through the page and read existing topics, and to read all comments on a post before responding, so as not to be repetitive and adding to clutter in member's newsfeeds.
3- ABSOLUTELY NO MEMBER may post annoying "When is the next update," or "When is the next challenge," or "Who is the next challenge" posts. No "My Collection" photo posts are allowed, nor are any "Caption This" or "Who Would Win" posts, or ANY type of post that could quickly escalate into copycat style posts that clutter the members newsfeeds.
4- Group members may post what they think might be coming up in the game, but must CLEARLY post it as their speculation. A member may not post speculation and claim it as fact.
5- Group members may post topics only related to INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US mobile and may not post advertisement of any kind.
6- Hackers are to be treated with respect whether you agree with what they do or not. Much of what we know is coming in the game is because of work that hackers do!
7- Anyone found violating any of these rules may be banned without warning. Group rules may be updated if unforseen problems occur.