GREEN BANK-Ambassador

GREEN BANK -has proposed to make a global standard environment based company. But highly suitable for least developed country those are victim of environment losses. Our concept is more development oriented than straight traditional businesses. This is why it is social business . Here development partners(developed countries),local & foreign investors,local government can participate. 25 % share decentralized for rural people who are traditionally participate in environmental works . The thought has come from planting trees & Water & Essential -a government registered social venture capitalist organization then upgraded the design of GREEN BANK in 2004 .The venture promotional works going on . The paid up capital of the venture is more than 100 crore BDT. Though it necessary to promote it to Bangladesh Government policy makers & global policy makers i.e. UN bodies,government of developed countries.
Politically ,economically ,socially highly viable the project will be further analyzed in University of Luzern of Applied Science in MBA course work in 2015 under solid supervisor.
We need Ambassador cum campaigner all over the regions.
Welcome all who interested to join to the movement to establish an environmental bank "GREEN BANK LTD"