The British Landscape Photography Association

A group designed to showcase photographers British landscape and scenic images. This is a good opportunity to create your images and to provide and receive positive criticism of others efforts. Group rules below:

1. All photos posted must be owned by the person posting and give the location.

2. Maximum of 6 individual photographs (including sets and series) to be posted in any 24 hour period. (any more than this number will be deleted without consultation.)

3. Must be of British landscape only (no buildings, flowers, etc. without being part of an overall scenic view)

4. We want everyone to enjoy the images posted onto this site and therefore we ask that if you have a comment to make please make it constructive, i.e: would like to see it in natural form ... we do not want to see comments such as its spoiled this or its not very good as everyone has to learn and everyone wants to be better so if any remark is made that may be derogatory to the photographer or photograph, it will be removed without prior warning or explanation.

5. We will not tolerate spam, abuse, racism or homophobia of any sort and if found to be involved or doing this you WILL be banned, blocked and refused membership to any of the groups run by this admin.

6. If there is anything that you wish to complain about, suggest or moan about please contact the admin via message.

7. The admins decisions are final and will not be discussed in any shape or form.

8. By posting images onto the British Landscape Photography Association, you agree that your images may be used as the groups banner. The copyright by such use will not be affected in any way and will remain the property of the photographer.

9. GROUP OWNER/ADMIN - Rob Boneham