A Mom's Yard Sale (For Manistee/Mason County's)

I am rewording this pinned post, as there seems to be some confusion. This is a site where Mom's and Dad's can go, to find needed items for their children. Posted items allowed are: Toys, Children's clothing, Maternal items, Changing tables, Cribs etc.

An example of items NOT allowed, are: clothing irons, vacuum cleaners, coffee pots, dining tables, and the like. For these items, you can list them at the following site:https://www.facebook.com/groups/229907693730825/

(1.) There is no post limit per day. Just please be considerate.

(2.) Please stay on the topic of our group, no items that do not pertain to our kids. Posts not related to the topic will be deleted, followed by a warning and removal if continued.

(3.)Prices and a picture need to go with every item you post! Posts that have no info will be deleted.

(4.)If your items for sale have sold please delete your post after.

(5.)Please only post actual pictures of your items. No "generic" pictures, Google, Yahoo etc. People want to see the actual item they are purchasing and generic pictures can be misleading.

(6.) Description of items have to be accurate.

Have fun and enjoy the Group!