Madera area only sale

For people in madera area only!! ONLY ITEMS FOR SALE OR SERVICES ARE ALLOWED!

this is a GARAGE/YARD BUY And SALE at your own RISK page, I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for any deals u guys make.

Simple rules!
1. No bullying
2.Don't comment if not interested on buying
3.Sellers post price on item for sell, delete once sold
4.No foul language
6. Do not post your sell items on other peoples post
7. No personal opinion/issue status updates allowed
******Rude and unnecessary comments will be deleted and person will be banned. thanks to all the people who have been awesome, enjoy! Thanks! -admin

Also I CANNOT ASK SELLERS who to sell too and how much to price their items! That is all up to them.

FYI I will not tolerate online bullying! If u see a post that should be taken down report it don't bully the person!